Gabriela Goronzy

Gabriela Goronzy

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Gabriela Goronzy’s works deal with the subject of “reflections” and identity,
In direct and associative form.

The Self in the Mirror of the World – Some Quotes from the Introductory Speech to the Exhibition

“Gabriela Goronzy – liveliness – 100 drawings”

“With the cultural upheavals brought about by the Renaissance, a new topos appeared in the repertoire of fine arts: the self-portrait.”
“Since then, the self-portrait has run through the history of art like a thread and has become ubiquitous in the form of selfies.”
“The mere question of the individual self-shows a much clearer tradition and finds its earliest striking expression in Europe in the dictum” Gnothi seauton “: Know yourself!, which in the 5th century BC. Ad as an inscription in the vestibule of the temple of Delphi.
The view of the self is placed in the service of world knowledge in the Delphic oracle, on the assumption that the processes in our mind correspond to the processes in the outer world and that the way we order and evaluate things is based on general principles follows. The self becomes the mirror of the world.”

If we transfer this idea to cultural theory, we are suddenly in the middle of the relevant discourse on the interrelated relationship between identity, culture and the environment.”
garego Artprints – Art for Everyone!
“This great world is the mirror into which we must look in order to get to know each other from the bottom up.”, and later William Makepeace Thackeray, in whose Vanity Fair it says: “The world is a mirror from which everyone faces his own face.”
The “Gnothi seauton” has become “Gnothi ton kosmon”, the “Know yourself” to “Know the world”. ”
“Gabriela Goronzy illuminates this area of tension between the perception of ourselves as an individual or part of a group, as a self-sufficient entity or interchangeable piece of mosaic, as an original or a copy, in a very differentiated manner and without a final evaluation.”

by © Dr. Thomas Piesbergen / VG Wort, September 2019
For the full text of the introductory speech, see: textprojekt

All drawings and collages were created in DinA4 format and in the color red, as a key color “red” can be found in the most varied of shades and nuances.

Collages are other works, they also deal with the subject of identity, individual and majority. Info on Gabriela Goronzy

The implementation of all works on canvas gives the works a painterly character, on Alu-Dibond the works correspond to the aesthetics of the drawings and collages. have a look at the shop


1992 – 1998
2002 – 2005 Studies University of Fine Arts Hamburg
1992 – 1998 Studies APAKT Arbeitsgemeinschaft psychoanalytische Kunsttherapie

Solo exhibitions

2019 – “Liveliness – The Self in the Mirror of the World” Einstellungsraum, Hamburg
2004 – “You should be dancin …” nomad oasis, Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg

Group exhibitions

2011/2012 – “Identities” Mashrabia Gallery of contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt
2002 – “twelve times” jump or so “exhibition room Lucerne, Switzerland
1995 – Art in the shop window, Hamburg