Jutta Konjer

Jutta Konjer

Jutta Konjer

My works contain stories or presuppose stories that everyone already knows.

It is the banal things of everyday life that inspire me to do humorous, funny work.
Newspaper and magazine headlines separate from the story awaken my ingenuity. Stamps I found, used and stamped, torn out of their envelopes or torn off postcards, are put into new rooms with simple strokes, brought into different contexts.
The motifs are expanded, made absurd or confronted with their opposite.
Through the individual intervention with scissors or pencil, the daily flood of images is met with humor and wit. A little smile or laugh opens new possibilities.
Images of all kinds are examined and formed into new, irritating creations and used for image creation. Existing regulations are viewed, used and questioned from another side.
A word or lines unleash imagination that is captured in drawings. The meaning behind what is found is of interest, is game material, for new, different solutions, perspectives, approaches, possibilities, with pleasure in irritation.
Fiction and reality dance together with unprecedented sense and playful humor and the value system is upside down.

I use these “archetypes for the change into the spiritual world: the world of dreams, desires and longings.” ²
“Although they are written subjectively, they are told by a fictional narrator. Continuing and re-telling contributes to our understanding of ourselves and the world. ”³
“The beginning and end are indiscriminately set points where the stories line up like on puppet cords or on clotheslines.” ³ The past and the future play a shambles. The now disappears nebulously.
I trace terms back to their roots, ideas sparkle with lightness, subtle wit and irony, they are “messages from times long past, memories that touch our collective memory.” ²

“The legends, fairy tales and legends of the time hold an archetype for every person and for every relationship between individuals,” says Adorno. “Still, you just have to search long enough.”

“In this understanding, art is not an end in itself, but an instrument to bring history and stories to the fore.” ²

² Isabelle Hofmann “Young Art in a Young Hotel” 2006 Hamburg – Excerpts
³ Gudrun Thiessen Schneider “The horses are loose” 1999 – excerpts


1985 studies at the HfbK Hamburg with C. Böhmler
1993-1994 diploma, postgraduate studies
1991-1996 development of Künstlerhaus Wendenstraße
1993-1996 worked with Weltbekannt e.V.
1995 Scholarship from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg
1996 Barkenhoff scholarship
1997 studio stay in Maastricht
1998 Niedersachsen scholarship
1999 studio stay in Rotterdam
2000 artist village Schöppingen
Studio stay in Vechtetal D / NL
2004 Plüschow Castle
2005 Cranach workshop, Lutherstadt Wittenberg
2007 Künstlerhaus Eckernförde
2008-2010 studio scholarship at the Mümmelmannsberg comprehensive school
2012 Sella Hasse art award

Since 1991 Jutta Konjer has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad,
also under the name Kroko, as an artist couple, with their partner Manfred Kroboth.

More information at www.juttakonjer.de