Liveliness – The self in the mirror of the world

Liveliness – The self in the mirror of the world
We are happy to announce the following exhibition:

Gabriela Goronzy from September 18. – 11.10.2019 in the Einstellungsraum e.V.

Press release:

Are there rules for liveliness? It depends who you ask. A doctor in the newborn ward will respond differently than a paleontologist.
A psychologist makes his money, among other things. by helping people to uncover their repressed access to themselves. What do artists answer to the question initially asked?

Gabriela Goronzy completed her studies at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts in 2005. She is completely committed to drawing. With the ballpoint pen or the watercolor brush, she sets signs that can be read as markers to recognize yourself, just as it is to be read about the temple in Delphi as a life’s task. The ancient Greeks met this demand because they also sought knowledge of God in self-knowledge, the access to life par excellence.
She deliberately restricted the path that Gabriela Goronzy drew. She only draws on A4 paper and only with the color RED.

It is not the RED of the traffic lights, although their red as a signal color reminds that beyond this sign bloodshed and possibly the end of life is imminent. Gabriela Goronzy mainly uses a RED that tends towards magenta and thus also includes dark tones.
With fine lines, figuration, ornament as well as color gradients, she repeatedly engages in self-questioning, intervening in the habits of picture structures and writing habits, so that she can look behind the mirror more and more conclusively, which reveals the view of the actual self. How much of the RED is required? What must remain invisible?

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