Quality & workmanship

A look at the quality and the material

Quality & workmanship
Our customer orders are produced individually. For the manufacture of our products we work with the latest printing techniques, environmentally friendly inks and high-quality, sustainable materials.
The works created by visual artists in the studio are digitally processed and printed on canvas or on aluminum Dibond, and now also as a photo print behind acrylic glass. Quality & Processing https://garego.de/en/shop/

The material: Alu-Dibond

With direct printing on Alu-Dibond you get a noble presentation variant with high image quality and longevity.

Thanks to modern 7-color printing with high-quality UV fine art inks, you get a water-repellent aluminum print for inside and outside. Your further advantages when choosing Alu-Dibond: The colors are highly saturated, even with large areas of the same colour. A tonal gradation ensures the accuracy of the subtleties, particularly suitable for the prints of our drawings. The special feature of aluminum as an image carrier: The printed areas have a matt and reflection-free finish – with a silky gloss on light and white areas.

Alu-Dibond is a 3 mm thick composite panel. It consists of three layers: Two coated aluminum plates in platinum white enclose a black polyethylene core. The side optics are black. The carrier plate impresses with its low weight – this makes pictures on Alu-Dibond ideal for large formats.Quality & processing
High-quality prints and damp rooms do not have to be a contradiction in terms! Direct prints on Alu-Dibond are waterproof and colourfast. This makes them suitable for sheltered outdoor areas and bathrooms. The motif is printed directly on the aluminum composite panel, so you get a particularly resilient mural – combined with excellent image quality. The printing technology ensures that your image shines in bright colors.

For an ideal suspension of your direct print on Alu-Dibond, we select the right mount for you – adapted to the individual format size. Safe, uncomplicated and included in the price. All brackets can be combined with gallery rails. So you can enjoy your picture on your wall as soon as you receive it.

Give your picture a personal accent and optical finish: If you wish, you can have your picture in a shadow gap frame, in numerous materials and colors. The suspension for portrait or landscape format is already integrated in the frame.

matt, reflection-free surface

high color saturation

waterproof, robust UV print

garego Artprints | Aluminum Dibond carrier material | 3 motifs without frame
garego Artprints | Interior | 4 motifs on canvas | without frame

The material: Canvas

Authentic like paintings – The matte surface of a canvas gives your picture a vivid effect. The motif develops a haptic-lively, three-dimensional materiality and appearance on the textured textile surface, highest color saturation, crisp sharpness and decades of service life. The matte finish ensures a noble look and little reflection. We have optimized our canvas material for even more intensive color reproduction and a natural appearance. The typical structure of our new cotton blend fabric is reminiscent of the classic painting character with a painterly level.

The canvas is stretched on a high-quality support frame. Reinforced corners protect against distortion. Subsequent fitting or re-tensioning becomes superfluous. We obtain the spruce wood exclusively from sustainable forestry.

The canvas print is available in a matte finish and with a support frame that is 20 mm thick. We use an improved process on the latest generation of Epson printers for our photo canvas. Our high-resolution inkjet printing uses odorless, solvent-free Epson Ultrachrome® RS Resin inks, which guarantee you saturated, clear colors in a new level of quality on canvas. Thanks to the Epson pigment printing, the surface is even insensitive to light water splashes and intensifies color intensification.

Printed over the edges of the frame, the motif unfolds its full effect in the room as a canvas on a support frame.

Your photo canvas can be easily hung directly on two nails or screws using the support frame. If you choose additional framing with a floating frame, a metal hanger will be attached to this frame.

haptic, living structure

high color saturation

Warm, classic image effect

The material: photo print behind acrylic glass

Our motifs under acrylic glass. Acrylic glass is light, unbreakable and insensitive to temperature fluctuations. By choosing our motifs behind acrylic glass, you enhance the depth effect of your pictures and increase the color brilliance.

Photos behind acrylic are nothing new. But exposed real photo prints behind acrylic glass are a rarity. garego Artprints is happy to offer this classic variant in a variety of ways. Simply because it looks better. We are happy to say that your picture is additionally preserved behind acrylic, in front of a three-layer aluminum dibond plate and sealed with permanently elastic silicone. Our products stand for longevity – the first 5 years of which we stand for the promised quality, which has been confirmed by over 100 test wins and recommendations. Because there is also a guarantee: Our products stand for longevity – the first 5 years of which we stand for the promised quality, which has been confirmed by over 100 test wins and recommendations. The acrylic glass with a thickness of 2 mm.

Photos behind acrylic glass are particularly stable in combination with the three-layer system of Alu-Dibond. Permanently elastic silicone seals the various materials together and guarantees permanent, bubble-free and crack-free lamination.

Our brackets for the ideal suspension are selected according to the format size and are included in the price. On request also available in a shadow gap frame, in different materials and colours. All brackets can be combined with gallery rails.

increased depth effect

increased color brilliance

shiny surface

Photo print behind acrylic glass 2mm | garego motif | Gabriela Goronzy | Quality & workmanship
formats and prices |garego Artprints Motifs in floating frames | 6 colors |

The frames: shadow gap frames

Present your picture professionally: how it suits you and your rooms.
On request, we can deliver your picture in a gallery frame with a shadow gap.

Before you choose the right frame, decide on the appropriate picture carrier. Determine the look of your work and choose between the offered image carriers. A floater frame is suitable for all picture carriers offered.

The distance between the image and the frame bar is called the shadow gap.
Due to the 7 mm wide shadow gap, the work seems to float in the real wood veneer frame and is given an object character and expresses your image even more.
The floating effect enhances your picture and conveys the independence of the picture.
A modern border for your picture. Noble and subtle.
The shadow gap frame is a bestseller. Frames with shadow gaps are ready for hanging.

Available in the colors, canvas material: white maple, natural maple, brown alder, black oak
Available in colors, material aluminum dibond: maple white, natural oak, alder brown, black oak frame profile 1.5 cm.

Outer frame dimensions material canvas, material Alu-Dibond and material photo print behind acrylic glass:

30 x 20 cm – with frame 34.4 x 24.4 cm
45 x 30 cm – with frame 49.4 x 34.4 cm
40 x 60 cm – with frame 44.4 x 64.4 cm
60 x 90 cm – with frame 64.4 x 94.4 cm
75 x 50 cm – with frame 79.4 x 54.4 cm
80 x 120 cm – with frame 84.4 x 124.4 cm

The metal corners overleaf are included in the price.

effective distance between picture and frame

modern, elegant frame

different image carriers possible

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